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Dead or Alive 2

dead or alive 2 slot review

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2 does a lot to capitalize on its Western theme, making for a fun experience for interested slot players.

Not to be confused with the classic fighting game of the same name, the online slot game pushes hard to distinguish itself from other similar offerings by pushing its wild west theme. It has a number of different mechanics that tie into this unique motif, which likely holds some appeal for fans of both slots and cowboys.

Dead or Alive 2’s board has five columns and three rows, with players able to win on nine different lines. Naturally, all the various straight rows across the board are present and accounted for alongside V-shapes and more. 

A winning spin includes three similar symbols lining up next to one another in their respective reel. Players can win multiple times during a single pull.

The symbols represent a blend of poker and cowboy iconography. There are symbols for each card in a royal flush that actually look a bit strange on the board, but there are also cowboy hats, sheriff badges, and nondescript bottles of brown liquor.

There are two unique mechanics designed to give players a better chance at winning spins.

First is a wild symbol, which functions as one would expect by serving as a substitute for a possible winning combination in adjacent reels. Players can also get a large payout by having multiple wild symbols line up.

The biggest X-factor is the “Scatter” symbol which features a pair of revolvers. Players get a payout if they have two or more appear on the board in any position. The jackpot in Dead or Alive 2 comes when five Scatters appear on the board.

There are two separate mini-games for free spins in the High Noon Saloon and Train Heist. High Noon Saloon can assign multipliers to wild symbols that make winning pulls using the symbol worth that much more, as well as “sticky” wild symbols that stay in place for multiple pulls. The other mini-game is Train Heist, which has a board multiplier using wild symbols that can also award extra spins.

All told, Dead or Alive 2 has a lot to offer to interested slot players, especially if its themes appeal to you.