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G2 Arctic vs Team Queso: Iberian Cup 2020 betting analysis

The best teams in the world are on a break after the 2020 World Championship, but there are still ongoing leagues and competitions all around Europe.

Iberian Cup 2020 is heading into its final stages, where teams from Spain are fighting for the cup before the winter break hits. With only eight teams left in the tournament, all remaining teams are heading into the quarterfinals. One of the most exciting matchups is G2 Arctic vs. Team Queso.

Both teams are known from the Spanish LVP league, where the teams have met several times throughout the 2020 season. For this tournament, the rosters are a bit different, but it should still be a banger of a match.

Less than a month ago, G2 Arctic picked up jungler Mark “Markoon” Woensel, mid laner Bartłomiej “Fresskowy” Przewoźnik, and support Oleksandr “Efias” Yankovich to round out the team for the tournament. Markoon is known for his aggressive playstyle and did well on his former team UCAM Esports Club.

G2 Arctic hasn’t been playing at the tournament yet because of their seeding. The four highest-seeded teams are automatically qualified for the quarterfinals, which puts quite a bit of pressure on G2 Arctic to perform.

Team Queso, on the other hand, has been playing since the group stage where they managed to get the second seed out of group D. The team didn’t impress in its opening match but managed to pick it up against GTZ Bulls and UCAM Esports in the group’s lower bracket. In the first round of playoffs, Team Queso managed to sweep For The Win Esports, so they are heading into the quarterfinals with a lot of momentum.

Looking at the matchup on paper, there is no doubt that G2 Arctic is fielding the most talented lineup. The team hasn’t played yet, so that is to their disadvantage. With that said, G2 Arctic has been able to see Team Queso in play and will likely be able to figure out their weaknesses before the first game even starts.

G2 Arctic jungler Markoon will also likely take the jungle by storm and show why he is considered the best player among the teams. Team Queso still has some strong solo laners in mid laner Michał “Roison” Dubiel and top laner Miłosz “Raven” Domagalski, but they will have to bring their best game to carry the team to a victory.

G2 Arctic favored against Team Queso

There is no doubt from the bookmakers that G2 Arctic is favored in this best-of-five series. While G2 Arctic hasn’t played a game at the tournament yet, there is a reason why they got a pool 1 seed. Team Queso has done well throughout the group stage and first round in the playoffs, but with a few hiccups. This will be their first real test and the G2 Arctic squad just looks too strong.

A win for G2 Arctic gives odds 1.31, while a win for Team Queso gives a whopping 3.15. It’s clear in these odds which team has the best roster going into Summoner’s Rift.

While there is always a chance for an upset, this should be in the bag for G2 Arctic who is looking to win the organization’s first trophy.

The match between G2 Arctic and Team Queso kicks off on November 6.