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Invictus Gaming vs. RNG: NEST 2020 betting analysis

Invictus Gaming vs. RNG: NEST 2020 betting analysis

The 2020 NEST tournament recently started, where some of the best teams from the LPL are fighting for the last trophy of the year while testing new talents.

The two LPL giants, Invictus Gaming and RNG, are ready to face off against each other in a best-of-three match during NEST 2020. Twelve LPL teams are fighting for the NEST trophy and a decent amount of money while having the chance to try out some of the young players that usually don’t see any playtime in the LPL.

IG and RNG are fighting in group D alongside Vici Gaming, fighting to hit the top two and advance to the playoffs. RNG had a poor start to the tournament after losing to Vici, so this game will be a must-win for the team.

IG hasn’t been playing yet, so it’s hard to know what to expect from them. The former world champions are expected to field three rookies from iG Young, that will now get the chance to prove themselves on a bigger stage. IG will be using mid laner Luo “Captain” Fei-Yang, jungler Peng “XUN” Li-Xun, and top laner Zhang “zs” Shuai.

As mentioned, RNG has already been hitting Summoner’s Rift in a 1-2 loss to Vici. The team did use players such as bot laner Chen “GALA” Wei, mid laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao, and jungler Li “XLB” Xiao-Long who all have LPL experience, but it didn’t pay off. The team will look to get revenge against the young IG squad, but it won’t be easy.

The Chinese region is known for its aggression and skirmish-heavy playstyles. NEST 2020 is no exception, so fans can expect a bloody match when the two veteran organizations clash on Summoner’s Rift. The new players are hungry for blood and will look to show off their individual skills.

The match seems to be one of the closest on paper and will likely be a three-map thriller. The question is if veteran mid laner Xiaohu can lead the RNG squad to a victory, or if young talent such as Captain can make the upset against one of the LPL’s legends.

IG and RNG almost neck-to-neck in NEST 2020 matchup

NEST 2020 has been hard to predict so far, but it won’t get any easier when IG and RNG meet on Summoner’s Rift. Both teams are fielding some of their usual players, while also giving some young talent a chance on the stage.

RNG is slightly favored to win, giving odds 1.70, while a win for IG gives odds 2.02. It doesn’t get much closer than that, so predicting a winner will have to be based on a gut feeling. It’s also a possibility to look at other markets and potentially bet on a three-game series.

The match between IG and RNG kicks off on Thursday, November 12 2020.