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Suning vs. JD Gaming: 2020 World Championship betting analysis

suning vs jd gaming 2020 worlds betting analysis

Suning and JD Gaming are meeting in the quarterfinals at the 2020 World Championship.

The dream of two Chinese teams in the finals is dead. All three squads that made it out of groups were seeded into the same side of the bracket, and one of them is going home early. Suning and JDG will play in quarterfinals, and only one can make it through.

The LPL follows a single round-robin format, so teams only play each other once a year, unless they meet in playoffs. Suning and JDG played just one time in the summer split in a match that finished with a 2-0 score in favor of JDG.

The road to quarterfinals for Suning and JD Gaming

Suning and JDG finished the group stage with four victories and two losses each. Despite having the same records, the teams had very different ends of the group stage. Suning had to play a tiebreaker and ended up defeating G2 Esports twice. JDG lost its shot at a first seed early in its final day of group play when it dropped a game against PSG Talon.

For Suning it has been a roller coaster ride. JDG has had brilliant moments, but also worrisome defeats.

It’s important to remember the opponents each team had on its respective group. Suning faced Machi Esports, G2, and Team Liquid. JDG had to handle DAMWON Gaming, PSG Talon, and Rogue. Putting both groups on balance, JDG may have had the stronger set of opponents, so each victory could be seen as more significant.

Kanavi vs. SofM in the jungle

The key matchup in this series is between Lê “SofM” Quang Duy and Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok. As the tournament progresses, the meta has been evolving, but there’s one constant: the better jungler wins. SofM and Kanavi are the types of junglers that can carry their teams to victory.

Suning doesn’t rely on its jungler as much as JDG does, but it’s undeniable that JDG’s players are looking to be one step above their counterparts. PSG Talon proved that the best way to defeat JDG is through a slow-paced game spent avoiding team fights. Unfortunately, Suning is an LPL team through and through, and it can’t play slow.

JD Gaming favored to defeat Suning at Worlds 2020

Fans can expect Suning vs. JDG to be a bloody affair since both teams like to fight. The win condition for the two teams is clear, as the jungler that gets the better early game advantage and can snowball faster is taking the victory.