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Dragon Slot Review

dragon slot review

Dragonz is a simple slot game with cartoonish graphics featuring dragons that will throw back any mobile gamer to the likes of Dragon World or DragonVale. 

Take an adventurous journey with Dragonz in a simple slot game with dragons and other majestic icons appearing on the spin wheel. Dragonz is easy to understand and will have you spinning in no time. Despite being easy to get a hold of, Dragonz provides players with different features to dive further in that give the game an extra twist or two. 

What is Dragonz?    

Dragonz is an online slot game released in October 2016 by Microgaming. Microgaming is the company behind several popular slot games including Jungle Jim, Titans of the Sun, Lost Vegas, and more. Dragonz is a simple slot that will enable any new slot player to have fun right off the bat. Dragonz is also a game for more experienced slot players who want a good time with colorful dragons and a calm soundtrack, but it isn’t the most original or inventive game to dive into. 

What is the gameplay like in Dragonz? 

The gameplay of Dragonz is fairly simple, but with a big twist for players who get really lucky. Dragonz is a slot game consisting of five reels with three symbols on each reel. This makes the board fairly easy to consume and enables any player to track winning combinations in no time while playing. 

An important thing to keep in mind when playing Dragonz is that it is a slot game without pay lines, which is uncommon compared to many other slot games. Instead, all wins in Dragonz are scattered from left to right on the board. A win requires the symbols to land on consecutive reels to make a winning combination. Three consecutive symbols are enough for a winning combination, all the way up to five. These sorts of winning combinations are different from many other games, but in fact very easy to track after playing a few spins. 

What makes Dragonz extra fun to play is the free spin features. Getting to the free spin features will require three “scatter” icons or more, as well as a bunch of luck. Hitting a combination like this won’t happen often, but when it does, players will be rewarded. The three scatter icons will unlock one of four free spin features. 

These are the four different Dragonz free spin features: 

  • Flint: Unlocks 10 free spins and the Flaming Wilds feature, that fire wild icons onto the reels. Flint shoots an increasing number of wilds each time. 
  • Switch: Unlocks 10 free spins and the Stashed Wilds feature, which collects wild icons and distributes them for a guaranteed win. 
  • Frost: Unlocks 10 free spins and the Frosty Wilds feature that frost freezes non-winning wilds until they contribute to a win. 
  • Gobble: Unlocks 10 free spins and the Winning Wilds feature, which spits out random wild icons on the board at a maximum of 10. 

All four free spin features will give increased chances for a big win. All features take advantage of the wild icons, which is an icon that can replace any icon needed for a winning combination. Think of it as a wild joker. 

dragon slot features

What is the chance to win in Dragonz? 

Dragonz has a total of 243 different ways to win, and a lot of bonuses when hitting three scatter icons or more. The minimum bet is $0.40 and the maximum goes all the way up to $30. 

When playing, you want to aim for the dragon icons. Winning combinations with the dragon icons give the best return, with the red and purple dragons having the highest value. Five of a kind will give up to 12.5 times the stake in return, depending on the dragon. 

The other important icons to hit are the scatter icons. These icons don’t only unlock the free spin features, they also provide a big return. Hitting two scatter icons in a spin will return the stake times two. Hitting five scatters will provide the big jackpot, with 100x the stake in return. This is all while three or more scatters will unlock a free spin bonus.  

Dragonz review

All in all, Dragonz is a great slot game to spend some time on. It may feel repetitive for veteran slot players in the long run, but Dragonz will be great for both newer slot players. It might need some more depth to keep players hooked for a longer period of time. Dragonz is lacking a bit of originality, but it’s still a lot of simple fun. The spin bonuses have some clear entertainment value, which should be enough to keep players spining.