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Esports gambling is trending upwards in 2020

esports betting is trending upwards

Gaming has long been expanding at a rapid rate, incorporating within its growth a variety of platforms ranging from competitive to gambling.

Online casinos have already established a strong presence in the space. These platforms take the best from gaming and physical casinos to create a brand new value proposition for customers, and the advent of competitive gaming and esports betting has only added to this value. This list of Canadian betting bonuses of but one example of the prevalence of successful gaming ventures online.

There has been a growing interest in wagering on the performance of competitive teams in esports. Esports in 2020 is as popular as it ever has been. Esports events have been able to ride a wave of enthusiasm from gaming fans around the world, and while these events are still relatively fresh additions to most betting operators, they’ve already proven successful.

Money talks. One of the most persuasive arguments proving that esports is in a hot category right now is the estimated revenue of the past year. The 2019 numbers for global revenue from gaming competitions and adjacent ventures saw a 1.1 billion dollars mark. This impressive number was also an increase from the previous year in 2018. And there’s no sign that this growth is curbing any tim soon.

But the beauty of competition is not solely based on impressive cash prizes or positive economic charts. Mostly, it relies on the enthusiasm of the participants and the viewers. It’s also estimated that 2019 saw over 252 million esports viewers who consumed competitive gaming programming at least semiregularly. One event, the 2019 Fortnite World Championship contest was streamed so successfully that it produced 1.8 million hours of viewed content.

The allure of esports brings in those interesting in gambling just as surely as do any other popular competitive outlets. Those with a keen eye for betting are attracted to a new avenue for their interest. The great technical skill of esports pros combined with in-depth strategies provides much to evaluate for interested bettors. And as demand from bettors has risen, so too has the number of platforms providing esports betting opportunities.

One aspect of this growth is the sheer universality of it all. While sports have their hot spots, gaming is a loved pastime on all continents. Another is the inherent connection it has to the internet and virtual communities that build themselves online. The net is global by the very nature of its connectivity and can bring together players and fans from all over. If a tournament takes competitors from all around the world and is watched worldwide, that same global enthusiasm is likely to carry over to the industry’s betting side.

There are few websites established online that operate with tips and odds for betting around esports. With such platforms, you can follow the opinions of top tipsters as a good entryway to this corner of the betting world. Using the advice of experts, players can even try to make educated guesses in the games that they don’t much follow or play.

As any sport or competitive outlet establishes its audience, it sets itself up for long-term growth and success. This is what’s happening now with esports, and as impressive as the numbers have been in recent years, it’s likely that the industry will only become larger in the future. And so too will its betting opportunities.