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G2 Esports vs. FURIA: BLAST Premier Finals betting analysis

G2 Esports vs. FURIA: BLAST Premier Finals betting analysis

A battle between two underdogs at the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals takes place when G2 Esports and FURIA meet in their opening match.

Both teams are at the tournament to prove that they can perform among the absolute best in the world at a consistent level. FURIA has been performing well in North America and continued that momentum in the European tournament, but is still waiting to win a big trophy. G2 has been solid after adding Nikola “NiKo” Kovač to the roster, but still needs to show that it can beat the best teams in the world.

FURIA entered the tournament after a solid performance at DreamHack Masters Winter, where the Brazilian squad was knocked out in the semifinals by an Astralis side that went on to win the tournament. FURIA qualified for the BLAST Premier Finals by taking down teams such as and Team Liquid in the qualifier back in November and will now look to go all the way.

FURIA has been an interesting squad for a while and is without a doubt the best Brazilian team today. The player to shine the most recently has been Yuri “yuurih” Santos, who is currently rated as one of the best players in the world. He could be the deciding factor against G2 if he manages to pop off.

G2 also participated at DreamHack Masters Winter most recently, but went out with a whimper to none other than FURIA and Astralis. FURIA took them down in a 2-1 fashion with two very strong maps by the Brazilians. This will be a great chance for G2 to avenge themselves, but doing so will require more focus and better preparation.

The biggest problem for the newly-updated G2 squad is their inconsistency, which FURIA is clearly able to punish. This will likely give FURIA an edge in the match, but if NiKo and Kenny “kennyS” Schrub show up to the party, G2 might be able to take the win this time around.

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G2 and FURIA expected to match up evenly at BLAST Finals

The match looks to be one of the closest and most even in the first round at BLAST Premier Fall Finals, with clear strengths and weaknesses for both teams. Both squads have the capacity to outplay the other on their own map pick, which means that the veto could be very crucial.

The bookmakers also have a hard time predicting this match but does give FURIA a slight edge because of recent performance. A win for FURIA gives an odds of 1.73 while a G2 win gives odds 1.97.

The match could be a three-game thriller when it takes place on Wednesday, December 9.