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Online casino slot review: Reel Rush

Picking the right online slot game can be hard, but Reel Rush might be the way to go for old school gamers who want a nostalgic feeling when chasing big spins.

Reel Rush is a simple and exciting slot game. It’s built up by cartoonish graphics that most people should be able to relate to. The graphics give an old school gaming vibe that can take one back to the likes of Mario or even newer games like Candy Crush. With the in-game music on top of that, everyone should be able to get a rush out of it when hitting the different spin streaks.

What is Reel Rush?

Reel Rush is a game developed by NetEnt and was first released in 2013. NetEnt was founded back in 1996 and has developed some of the most popular online casino games. In 2018, Reel Rush received an HTML upgrade which pushed the game onto mobile devices. This makes Reel Rush available on anything from a smartphone to a desktop today.

With Reel Rush, NetEnt has focused on the very basics of slot games and made the game simple to follow yet heart pumping while playing it. Reel Rush is heavily taking part in cartoon designs, to a point where it almost looks like a kid’s game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as NetEnt is able to draw in all sorts of slot players through the design and music alone.

Reel Rush

How do you play Reel Rush?

Playing Reel Rush is fairly simple, but there are a few twists here and there. The game uses a total of five reels, with a default 1-3-4-3-1 format for all rows. This means that a default spin will only use a total of 13 squares out of the 25 possible. The remaining squares will unlock the longer a respin streak continues.

To get a win in Reel Rush, three or more matching symbols landing from the first reel are required. When getting that win, a respin will automatically be awarded and so forward. For each respin, two new squares will open on the board to make the chances of winning higher. This essentially creates a snowball that can roll a maximum of five times. After hitting the five respins, eight free spins are awarded to complete the maximum streak. These respins play out on a clear board with all 25 squares available.

What are the chances of winning in Reel Rush?

From looking at the Reel Rush format, it might seem a bit hard to actually win. With the way Reel Rush snowballs from each respin, the hardest part will always be to hit that first win. With only 13 squares available by default, this is where the chance for winning is the lowest. When hitting the first win, the chance of winning on the next respin will increase drastically and often result in longer streaks.

What often helps to win is the golden wild symbols, which substitutes for all other symbols. This means that a Wild symbol can be turned into whatever symbol is needed to make a winning combination. These symbols are crucial hitting to make the right combinations and will often be the determining factor.

The amount of ways to win for each respin is shown here:

  • Respin 1 – 135 ways to win
  • Respin 2 – 405 ways to win
  • Respin 3 – 675 ways to win
  • Respin 4 – 1125 ways to win
  • Respin 5 – 1875 ways to win
  • Clear board (8 respins) – 3125 ways to win

Reel Rush respin

The way Reel Rush works shouldn’t be unfamiliar to experienced casino players. The whole concept revolves around getting a snowball rolling to hit the big winnings. Getting a complete streak can result in big winning depending on the stakes.

In Reel Rush, you can bet from $0.5 all the way up to $250 for each spin. The stakes can be adjusted by changing the “level” and “coin value”. The higher these two values are tuned, the higher will the betting size for each spin be.

What are the Reel Rush symbol values?

Like most other slot games, the different Reel Rush symbols carry different values. The symbols themselves are inspired by candy and are all quite colorful. The colored round symbols are the most common and also hold the lowest values. The bigger candy symbols have the greater values, with the strawberry being most valuable. All of the valuable symbols are inspired by classic slot icons and have designs of strawberries, grapes, plums, and other fruits.

Here’s an overview of all symbol values.

Reel Rush symbols

Reel Rush symbols

Reel Rush review

Overall, Reel Rush is a pleasant and fun slot game to spend time playing. It’s very welcoming through its cartoonish design and catchy music. When doing a spin, the music automatically builds up the further a streak is going. This gives an extra hype to the play and really draws you in.

The game itself is fairly easy to understand after just a few spins, even for a completely new player. With that said, it’s definitely recommended to try out the free-to-play version first to get a grasp of how all the streaks work. The same goes for all the symbol values, as there are a total of 12 symbols to keep track of. To help understand all this, Reel Rush has a brief and easy guide that allows any player to learn the basics before doing the first spin. The guide can also be opened at any time during the game, to check up on streaks or symbol values.

The overall interface for Reel Rush is very friendly and makes it easy to adjust the stakes per spin. Having it all cut out at the bottom of the screen is nice, but not something you wouldn’t expect from any other slot game.

Want to give Reel Rush a try? Play the game right here.