22BET Betting Company is founded by people who are passionate about betting. Their goal is to offer an ideal service that always strives to deliver such a positive experience for customers. 22BET offers all that a modern bookmaker usually has to offer: the broadest possible choice of markets on any sports as well as convenient payments, quick withdrawals, and a reward program for VIP members.

As far as the 22BET welcome deposit match bonus goes, it’s pretty good. The player will get a 100% deposit match bonus up to $122 (the sum is undoubtedly a homage to the bookie’s name). And the best part about it is that to claim a bonus, however small it may be, you will only need to make a $1 worth of deposit and you will claim the match bonus. Of course, if you deposit just $1, then it means that you will also get another $1 in turn and this is a very small sum of bonus money. But still, it’s nice to know that you can play around with the initial bonus.

There are terms and conditions regarding how you can use the welcome deposit match bonus up to $122, and we recommend that you find and read the appropriate section further down in our review for more information on the subject.

The margin on 22BET is not anything special, but it’s not bad either. Given the fact that the industry standard is somewhere around the 7% mark, 22BET’s 6.27% betting margin is slightly lower than what the majority of online sports bookies have on offer. However, it’s not lower by a big margin. So, if you want to increase your potential profits as you wager online sports bets, then you can just as well go someplace else where you will find much more favorable betting margins as compared to 22BET. But if the betting margins aren’t really a subject that you care deeply about, then 22BET has you covered.

One of 22BET’s strongest suits is the market coverage. As an online sports bookie, you will be able to find more than a dozen different sports to wager bets on, including football, ice hockey, baseball, golf, MMA, basketball, and others. The sports betting section is the most populated one on the platform. However, there are other betting sections and market types that you should be aware of.

First of all, there’s the esports betting section where you can wager best on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Brawl Stars, and a few other games. The esports coverage is not world-class, but there are still many highly popular esports that the fans would enjoy betting on.

There are some special niche sections at 22BET, too. For one, you will be able to place wagers on political events and outcomes of elections, among others. This is not a classic sport by any means, but you will still have a chance to test your political prowess and see if you know how certain political events will unfold.

Apart from that, you can even place bets on the weather. 22BET follows the mantra that if anything is even slightly unpredictable, then it means that you can place bets on it. You can place bets on the British royal family, on financial developments, and even space missions.

The world is your playfield at 22BET and we’re really impressed with the number of sports, esports, and specialty areas that this platform offers to the players. The only thing that’s lacking is a fully-fledged online casino which, based on 22BET’s proclivity for conquering the betting and gambling markets, we feel that it will be introduced for players to use sooner rather than later.

And now, it’s time for a major flaw and disadvantage that we’ve found at 22BET. It’s the fact that there is almost no mention whatsoever on the entire website about responsible gambling. This means that if you have some problems with excessive gambling, no matter how big they are, you will be left on your own as the platform won’t give you any palpable advice or tools to use to dig yourself out of the problem gambling hole.

The only mention of any responsible gaming-related subject on the entire platform is the notion in the terms and conditions that you can contact customer service if you believe that you’re gambling in a problematic way. There’s little else in terms of useful advice and access to professional organizations that can help you deal with your problem. As mentioned before, this is a major disadvantage of 22BET and one that makes it a bit difficult for us to recommend this platform to anyone, as responsible gaming is a very serious subject that should never be taken lightly.

There are major uncertainties regarding the withdrawals at 22BET, too. And this too is a potentially major flaw that the player can experience, as there are terms and conditions that you must adhere to and that will outright forbid you to make withdrawals if you don’t meet some arbitrary conditions. 22BET has been found to even cancel withdrawals because of some of these arbitrary conditions. So, you can never be too sure about being able to withdraw your winnings from 22BET, and this too makes it increasingly more difficult for us to recommend this platform to anyone.

There are dozens of different payment methods though, which is perfect for the players that wish to have some variety in this regard. The main payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller are readily available, but there are also many unorthodox ones that you can use, such as Airtel Money, Becline, Entercash, Astropay, Asia Hawala, and others. You can even use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to deposit and withdraw money at 22BET, which is always a nice option to have.

You will need to let the operator verify your identity by depositing some personal identification documents such as IDs and passports. The process is simple and easy to go through, and it will take no more than three days to be completed. For a detailed list of all the acceptable documents that you can deposit to verify your identity, visit the appropriate section in our review below.

Unfortunately, we simply can’t get over the major flaws that plague the 22BET online sports betting experience, especially in the unclear and messy terms and conditions regarding the withdrawals. It’s clear that 22BET has several strong sides, too, but we hope that it will correct the major problems with withdrawing money and responsible gaming so that we can start wholeheartedly recommend this operator to players.


100% up to €122 Deposit Welcome Bonus