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Vulkanbet Review

Vulkanbet is an esports bookmaker founded in 2015 that acquired an official Malta gaming in 2018. It offers a broad range of esports titles to bet on, but there are also traditional sports and a casino section for those who want to mix things up.


The first subject that many players would like to know about is whether there are any bonuses to look forward to. Disappointingly, Vulkanbet does not offer any kind of welcome bonus for the players. This is quite unusual, as the vast majority of online sports bookies and casinos offer at least a small bonus for new players, and in most cases, it’s a big bonus.


But Vulkanbet has no welcome deposit match bonus. The silver lining here is that you won’t need to be bogged down sifting through the terms and conditions just to learn about the wagering requirements and other limitations, but that’s still a hit against the site.


There is one bonus on the platform though, and it’s the VIP loyalty bonus. Players that are active on Vulkanbet will be rewarded. The way this bonus unfolds is by giving players points that they claim as they play their favorite games and once the player collects enough points, then he or she will graduate to the next level on the loyalty ladder. As the player climbs the ladder, they get even bigger rewards. 


The loyalty ladder bonuses are a staple in online casinos and sports bookies, though we must mention once again that we can’t get over the fact that the new players aren’t rewarded in any way, shape, or form for their first deposit at Vulkanbet.


The betting margins on the site are just ok. They are slightly worse than the industry average at 7.58%. Now, the truth is that this is not horrible by any means. There are plenty of bookmakers that offer worse margins, but if your goal is to find the best sports bookie in terms of low betting margins, then your best bet is to look someplace else. The esports betting margin is solid and generous, but the regular sports betting margin could use some work.


The sports and esports coverage is solid on both ends and there are several popular sports and esports to bet on. Football fans, basketball fans, baseball fans, and others will be delighted to know that their favorite sports are available to bet on at Vulkanbet. And so will be the CSGO and Dota 2 esports betting fans. While there are several sports and esports at Vulkanbet, there is definitely room for expansion in terms of coverage.


There are certain measures and tools that you can use at Vulkanbet to curb potentially problematic gambling habits. If you feel that you’re going overboard, even if it’s just a bit, then you will be able to activate self-exclusion, time limits, cooldowns, wager, and deposit limits, and so on. Vulkanbet does just enough to show players that it cares for them in that they will be able to contact customer service and activate one of the available tools and measures.


Payments at Vulkanbet are simple and easy. This is not a modern platform in the sense that it doesn’t offer any modern payment platforms such as cryptocurrencies. But you will easily find traditional payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and others. 


No matter what deposit method you use, you will find that the deposits are finished instantly and you will be able to start using the funds that you have deposited on your Vulkanbet account in a matter of minutes. The withdrawals may take some more time, though the entire process is usually done in a few days, and you will have the money transferred from the sports bookie to your account relatively quickly.


But make no mistake about it, you will have to verify your identity with Vulkanbet. To do this, you will need to deposit a few personal identification documents such as an ID and proof of address. Vulkanbet takes care of the rest once it accepts the documents and the verification process will usually be over in a few days, at which point you won’t be bothered by it any longer.


Customer service is great in any of the two contact options that are available. The two contact options are live chat and email. Regardless of which contact option you use, the job will get finished by a customer service agent and you’ll get all your questions answered promptly. Emails are answered within a day. 


The sole thing that we don’t like about Vulkanbet, which we believe should be remedied as soon as possible, is the lack of phone support. There will undoubtedly be players that would prefer to contact Vulkanbet customer service via phone and sadly this option is still unavailable at the time of writing.


It may not seem like utility features are a very important part of the online sports betting experience, but that’s only really because bettors take them for granted. The availability of utility features, or lack thereof, can dramatically impact the player’s experience on the platform. 


Now, what’s arguably known as the most popular of all utility features, the live streaming feature, is available at Vulkanbet. What this means is that you will be able to stream your favorite sports and esports events as you place live bets. However, the fun ends here, as there are no other utility features that you can look forward to whatsoever. There’s no bet builder, no early cash-out, nothing. We feel that Vulkanbet has missed out on introducing these features and we hope that it will do so in the near future.


So, as you can see, Vulkanbet has a list of strengths and a few disadvantages, too. Be sure to visit the platform and see what it’s about for yourself. Until then, if you want to learn a bit more details of what Vulkanbet is all about, then feel free to read the rest of our review below.


3 / 10

There is a loyalty program that basically gives users points for wagered money, and these points can be converted into money or other bonuses or gifts. Bigger wagers mean a higher loyalty level, which means more points.


We’re sorry, but we simply can’t get over the fact that there is no welcome deposit match bonus for new players. The fact is that we have gotten used to online sportsbooks bombarding us with ads about the size of their welcome bonuses, so when we entered Vulkanbet for the first time, we were unpleasantly surprised to learn that there’s no welcome bonus whatsoever. We hope that Vulkanbet will introduce a welcome bonus before long.

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Sport / Game Coverage

8 / 10

Vulkanbet’s odds margins seem to sit at an average of 7.58% which is ok for esports but generally quite high across betting in general. For anyone that’s looking the make the most money possible on a winning bet, then we advise you to look someplace else. Vulkanbet’s margins are alright, but there are definitely better options that you can find at some other bookies on the internet.


The most popular sports and esports are covered at Vulkanbet, and what’s great about this platform is that it offers a roughly equal number of sports and esports to customers. However, that partly stems from the fact that some sports are notably missing. To check the full list of available sports and esports, scroll down right below.


Dota 2
StarCraft II
King of Glory


American Football
Ice Hockey
Rugby Union
Rugby League
Table Tennis

Responsible Gaming

7 / 10

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that there are several responsible gaming tools that players can use in times of need. In a time when online sportsbooks and casinos seemingly couldn’t care less about the wellbeing of their player base, it’s always nice to find an online sports bookie like Vulkanbet that takes care of its players in this way.



The following limits can be imposed on an account:

  • Loss limits
  • Wager limits
  • Time-based limits
  • Self-Exclusion (a user can permanently prevent themselves from betting on the site)

Deposit & Withdrawal

7 / 10

On Vulkanbet you can find a variety of payment methods available for deposit and withdrawal. The processing time for a withdrawal can be up to 24 hours, bu tin some cases it was reported to also take longer.

Payment Options

Bank Transfer

Withdrawal Options

Bank Transfer

Onboarding Process

7 / 10

Although the design and graphics on Vulkanbet seem to be really modern and cool, the onboarding process is not really that different from most of the online bookmakers. There is a usual three-step process that has to be filled out. 

Account Verification

Account Verification is not required for initial registration but is mandatory if total deposits surpass two grand or upon withdrawal. A valid ID and proof of address are mandatory for account verification and Vulkanbet may request proof for any payment methods. Nothing mentioned regarding the time it would take to complete the verification though.

Customer Service

7 / 10

The support team can be reached through either Live Chat or email, although available only between 08:00-01:00 CET seven days a week, and not 24/7. There is no phone support nor a FAQ section available on Vulkanbet.


Live Chat

Utility Features

8 / 10
  • Live streaming for Esports

Enjoy watching the events live while you bet on them

  • Statistics and Results

Check stats and results for the games you are interested in

  • Cashout

Get your winnings before the event you bet on ends

  • Loyalty Program

Get points for your activity on Vulkanbet

Additional Information

Excluded countries

American Samoa
Burkina Faso
Christmas Island



Currency accepted