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Vitality vs. BIG: BLAST Premier Finals betting analysis

Vitality vs. BIG: BLAST Premier Finals betting analysis

Two giants from 2020 in Vitality and BIG are fighting for a direct spot in the final at the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals.

After winning the first two matches at BLAST, both Vitality and BIG are now ready to fight for a spot directly in the final. The loser will drop down to the lower bracket for another chance to win the trophy. Going directly to the final means a more calm schedule and time to scout all the other teams who are still playing.

Vitality is to no one’s surprise undefeated so far, taking down both mousesports and NaVi. With Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut leading the way, Vitality has been looking dominant for months. The French squad won its most recent tournament at IEM Beijing after an impressive reverse sweep against NaVi in the final.

The win at IEM seems to have ignited Vitality and they now want to close out the year as strongly as possible. With a player like ZywOo on the team sitting at a 1.30 rating, there is a big chance to win even against the best teams in the world. With that said, other players on the team such as the newest addition Nabil “Nivera” Banrlitom have really stepped up to the plate.

Despite doing well in 2020, BIG entered the tournament as one of the underdogs. The team has slowed down a bit after winning several tournaments during the summer but has turned up the pace in BLAST Premier to look for one last trophy in 2020.

BIG managed to defeat both OG and G2 Esports on its way to the upper-bracket final, and will now need to take down the final boss in Vitality. On paper, it looks as if BIG has had the easier way to this match, so there will still be a lot for the team to prove. A player like Florian “syrsoN” Rische needs to play the game of his life to match ZywOo, but he is capable.

The veto will likely be crucial for BIG’s chances in this match, as they need a map pick that they are comfortable on and can win. The one map where BIG is doing significantly better than Vitality on paper is Mirage, so the German squad will likely look to pick that. For the rest of the match, BIG will have to play their own game and try to shut down the ZywOo machine.

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Vitality look set to dominate BIG at BLAST Premier

The server will be packed with individual talent in this match, but Vitality is the big favorite according to the bookmakers. Vitality is currently the best team in the world according to HLTV, and that reflects in the odds. BIG does stand a chance if they hit their A-game, but it will be an uphill battle.

Betting on a win for Vitality doesn’t give more than odds 1.37 while a big for win gives odds 2.85. BIG will likely have to win their own map choice to stand a chance in this one.

The match between Vitality and BIG at BLAST Premier kicks off on Saturday, December 12.